Wednesday, January 27, 2010

East Coast in Australia

Day 9 - January 13
Today we drove to Maroochydore which was one of my favortite places. The beach here was so amazing and it was such a cool town to be in. On our way there, we stopped for a picnic lunch at the beach where the ocean was really shallow and you could walk out a far way. And it was one of the first times we could actually go in the water without worrying about the jellies. For dinner I had this massive burger with "the lots" which I feel like its everything you think could be on a burger is on some. Hannah and I walked along the beach to meet up with the boys who drove and it was so peaceful and a great way to see the town.

Day 10 - January 14
We had an early run and swim along the beach this morning before we headed to the infamous Australia Zoo, or Steve Irwin's zoo. After a whopping $55 to get in, Hannah and Brennan fed the elephants before we were able to walk around a kangaroo park where you could pet and feed them. It was insane on how cool they were with people coming up to them. I also got to pet a Koala Bear which was really soft and very cute. Wanted to take one home with me. We of course saw crocs and a croc show where the Irwin family all came out on the stage and hosted the show. Parrots and these crazy fast birds were also flying freely around us. I felt like I was in a different world. We also saw wombats being fed which were surprisingly really cute animals, despite the name. Tigers, Red Pandas, Dingos and Tasmanian Devils were also a list of animals we saw. After the zoo we made our way to the Gold Caost where we stayed in Surfers Paradise which is an extremely touristy place. We had a quick swim in the ocean before Hannah and I split off from the boys to have a girls night. We went out with 2 girls we met from our hostel and went to a bar called The Bedroom where ladies could drink free as long as you had your glass to bring up. It was so much fun to have a night out with the ladies and dance the night away.

Day 11 - January 15
Woke up again with another early run and swim in the ocean and before we headed to our next location. Today we were driving to Byron Bay which is known for its backpackers vibe. It was such a small hip town where all the pretty people go. The beach was once again beautiful and great to walk along and relax by. It was different than Surfers Paradise in that it was a lot of less people which made it a lot more peaceful. Along the coast, cafes, bars and shops were lined up for the tourists, something we definitely enjoyed. We kept it easy tonight and enjoyed dinner, drinks and card games at our hostel.

Sorry about the short posts, I just have so much to catch up on. Will try to update more tomorrow!

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