Monday, February 1, 2010

The Big City

Day 12 - January 16
Once again another run on the beach before a swim. Byron Bay definitely is one of my favorite beaches so far. We hung out on the beach a bit before grabbing a kebab and heading back to the packed down van for another drive. Today we are heading towards Koffs Harbour just for the night. Its a small town so there was not much to do. It was more of a stop for the night so that the drive to Sydney would not be as long. It was nice though just to hang out in our motel room and make dinner, instead of eating out. Once again, Brennan made another delicious meal that makes up for all of the small fish & chip and kebab places we've been stopping at. We also had a tv in our room, which was a first, so we watched Black Hawk Down which was on tv. Nothing too exciting, but sometimes you need a break from the super exciting life.

Day 13 - January 17
Today we drove to Sydney where we dropped off our van, that looks like a cat by the way, and enjoyed our luxurious 3 bedroom, 2 bath suite on the 75th floor of the Meriton World Tower. As Chris would sexy time. We had a view of Sydney Harbour that was just absolutely breathtaking. Hannah and I got our own room with a king sized bed and our own bath with a jacuzzi. The boys shared two rooms and 1 bath. It payed off to be the only 2 girls. The kitchen was fully equipped and so nice. The living room was open with nice, comfy coaches and a tv. And how could we afford this you might ask...because Chris is amazing and booked this place 3 months in advance which meant we got a screamin' deal on it. Only $5 more than a hostel. Fantastic! Inside the building, we could use the gym, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna (sadly out of order when we were there) and free laundry, which we all took advantage of. Because of such a wonderful place, Brennan made us a delicious curry dinner before we walked around Sydney Harbour at night. Sydney Harbour is where the Sydney Opera House is. That was amazing to see at night because all of the lights were on so it was just glowing in the distance. A very good time!

Day 14 - January 18
Today I took advantage of the free gym before some french toast for breakfast. We took the ferry out to Manly Beach, very manly indeed. :) It was such a cute little place to walk around, go to the beach and enjoy an ice cream. On the ferry, we had amazing views of the opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge where you could actually see people climbing the bridge. After our little trip to Manly Beach, we walked into the opera house to take a look. The architecture of the opera house is amazing in itself, but its even more amazing to see all of the little tiles that make it up, so elaborate. I really wish to see a show in there someday. For dinner, Brennan made a fabulous 3 course dinner for us, complete with champagne and wine. After stuffing our faces, Hannah, Brennan, Chris and I went for a walk by one of the nearby parks to walk off all of the food and enjoy the perfect temperatures outside. We sat at a park bench talking and we saw some bats and big rats, which of course I freaked out about. I did not need to see that rat, but nonetheless, another wonderful day.

Day 15 - January 19
Today we went to the fish market, something I have never seen before. It was kind of cool to see all the variety of fishes they had so neatly laid out. It was a little creepy seeing the eyes, we felt like they were following us. Hannah and I decided to be adventurous and we tried a fried soft shell crab...whole. It was ok at first until you got the middle where there were lots of different body parts that I just did not need to see. We couldn't finish it because we started thinking about what we were eating to much...but at least we tried, and liked it at first. I also got some fresh salmon sashimi, which was absolutely amazing. After getting our fill of fresh fish, we got on a sketch bus to the world known Bondi Beach. It was pretty and cool to see but really crowded, kind of like Surfers Paradise. After Hannah, Brennan, Chris, Andy and I had a short walk along the beach, we left Rich and Simon who were going to try to surf for the city again. For lunch we had malaysian food, which was the first for all of us and so delicious. Laksa is one of my favorite dishes now. We then caught a taxi to the airport, where we were heading to Wellington, New Zealand, the start of another adventure.

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