Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Logistics

Hello all! So I thought I would explain how this adventure started and what my plans (if there are any) are.

I have been planning a month long trip to travel in Australia and New Zealand with these amazing people I met while studying abroad in Sweden a few years ago. This was going to be our reunion trip and there was no doubt in my mind that one way or another I was going to get my butt in Australia to see these people again. I have a few friends from Australia and New Zealand and they have basically planned and mapped out the entire month long trip which has been amazing. This trip would not have been as epic if we didn't have all of this help. I was the first one to buy my plane ticket, then it was Hannah (yes, another Hannah) and Brennan from California and then Rich and Simon from England (they got there round trip tickets for 10 pounds!). The 5 of us are meeting Chris and Sophie (from Australia) and Andy (from New Zealand) and will be there for about 2.5 weeks. We start in Melbourne, fly to Mackay which is by the Great Barrier Reefs, and then rent a car (or as they say, hire a car) and drive down the east coast and end in Sydney. From Sydney we fly to Wellington (North island of New Zealand) and through various methods of transportation we end up on the south island and meet our friend Ellie, who has so kindly offered to show us around. After a week of wondering in New Zealand, we fly back to Melbourne where we attempt to find a job and a place to live. So if you have any connections....let me know! :)

I can already tell that this experience will be way different than the one in Sweden. In Sweden, I could actually visualize myself walking around having already been to the town and such. But I didn't know anybody. In Australia, I will know some people but actually can't visualize myself there and I have no idea what to expect, which of course, makes it way more thrilling. Maybe that's why, 3 days left, I still don't feel like I'm going anywhere. Its still so surreal that after all of this planning and talking of going to Australia, its actually 3 days. Hmmmm....maybe I should start packing. Wish me luck!