Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The First Couple of Days

Hello all!

I've made it to Australia now safely after 3 flights, 9 hour layover in LAX and about 20 hours in the air. Everything went smoothly which made it nice. While I was in LAX, I actually met an aussie who had family in Longmont so we talked quite which was a nice surprise and made LAX not as miserable as expected.

It has been soooo good to see all of my friends again. Its amazing how quickly we can just pick up where we left off. The weather is absolutely amazing, I mean it is the summer time and all. Slightly pink on my face but so far doing good with the whole trying not to look like a lobster thing. The jet lag hasn't been too bad, just been waking up at 6am and getting tired around 6 but its getting a little easier. Below are the these that happened in the last few days in Oz land.

Day 1 (January 5)
Chris and Sophie picked us up at the airport and we made our way to Geelong with a packed car. When we arrived we had some drinks waiting for Rich and Simon to arrive before we made our way to the beach. We picked up some dinner for the beach and I had grilled flake (which is shark...awesome) and chips, such a classic Australian dish. After dinner we made our way back to Chris' for some backyard cricket. That game is so confusing with so many new terms I've never heard. I still really don't understand it at all but I gave it a try and was at least able to hit the ball with the paddle. Maybe one day I will understand.

Day 2 (January 6)
We started off the day by driving to Torquay Bay where we saw our first sighting of surfers and then made our way to the famous Bells Beach for a quick stop. I'm still amazed that I'm here in Australia right and I'm loving all of the beaches...and the ocean. The ocean is bright blue with hints of aqua, it is so beautiful and I'm loving every second of it. We took the Great Beach Rd, which is the scenic drive along the coast to get to our final destination for the day. We also stopped at Anglesea golf course that apparently has tons of kangaroos just hopping around while people golf. We were all expecting to see tons of kangaroos and didn't see any. Right when the car I was in was leaving, I luckily spotted one in the fields and we stopped to snap a picture. I got really excited about lame. We then stopped in the town of Lorne for some lunch and then headed to the 12 Apostles. 12 Apostles was not what I expected. I knew that it was these big rocks sticking out of the ocean and I'm sure there is more history to it, I'm just not really sure what it is. It was extremely touristy and tons of flies which was random. Other peoples pictures are so misleading in the fact that it looks like no one is there, but there are TONS. But I guess I am doing the touristy things and will just have to accept it. We then headed to our camp ground for the night in Apollo Bay and set up camp. It was nice to just relax for the rest of the evening walking along the beach, watching the boys play some Australian Rules Football and getting tackled.

Day 3 (January 7)
Once we were all up, had some breakfast, and packed our things, we started driving back to Geelong. We made one quick stop to see a lighthouse at Split Point which is where a TV show was filmed and based on. It was a very beautiful and picturesque lighthouse and the views of the coast were breathtaking. We just made it back to Chris' now and soon will be heading for the beach for some swimming and tanning (hopefully not burning) and some relaxation. I'm looking forward to it. Hope the winter time is treating everyone well, I know I'm not missing it. :)


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